Georgia Building Trades Academy

About Us

The Georgia Building Trades Academy is 501(c)(3) training organization dedicated to providing Georgia’s citizens with the education and employment opportunities that will lead to a successful career in the construction industry. The Academy is designed to prepare these individuals to enter and succeed in registered apprenticeship programs, which are gateways to strong, middle-class jobs in the US construction industry. The Academy is supported by the Atlanta & North Georgia Building Trades Council, 19 affiliate construction unions and their Joint Apprenticeship Training Committees (JATCs) in partnership with community groups, contractors, and government agencies.

The goal of the academy is to increase the number of qualified candidates for apprenticeship, increase the diversity of the construction workforce, and to increase retention rates among apprentices by providing them with a deeper understanding of the industry and role of craft unions in construction.

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Thank you for helping us serve young people who are dedicated to changing their lives for the better!